1. How do I add an item to my list?

    Just tap the “+” button in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. How do I remove an item from my list?

    You can only remove items that are below the cut line. Tap on the items you no longer wish to have on your list to move them to the section below the cut line. Then tap the “Organize” button in the top left corner and select “Trim this list”. You will not see this option if your list has no items below the cut line.

    Alternatively, you can shake the device to trim your list.

  3. How do I edit an item on my list?

    Unfortunately, the current version of ListMania does not allow editing existing items. ListMania is intended to keep track of items that are represented by single words or short phrases, and as such it should not be too difficult to add a new entry and remove the old one when you need it changed.

  4. How do I add or remove a list?

    Tap the “Organize” button in the top left corner and select the appropriate option. Note that you cannot remove a list if it is the only one you have.

  5. How do I change the order of my lists?

    Tap the “Organize” button in the top left corner and select “Reorder lists”. You will see a list of all your list names and will be able to reorder them using the controls on the right hand side.

    Note that this option is only available when you have created more than one list.

  6. How do I rename a list or change its colour?

    Simply tap the list’s title. You will then be able to enter a new name for your list and select a different colour for it. Note that you cannot have different lists share the same name.

  7. How can I share my lists with others?

    There are two ways to share – sending your list as a plain email, or sending it to another device running ListMania.

    To send it as an email, tap the “Organize” button in the top left corner of the screen and select “Send to email”.

    To send it wirelessly to another Apple device, tap the “Organize” button in the top left corner of the screen and select “Share wirelessly”. Repeat the same steps on the device that is going to accept the list. Once you see the name of the receiving device on your screen, tap it to send your list. It may take a few seconds for the other device’s name to appear after you tap “Share wirelessly” on it. Note that both devices need to be on the same wifi network, sharing lists does not work over cellular network. Sometimes network issues may prevent you from finding the other device and sending the list. This may not necessarily depend on how close the devices are to each other. If this happens, tap “Cancel” in the top left corner and repeat the procedure. If the problem perists, verify that both devices are indeed connected to the same wifi network.

  8. I no longer want to have some of the entries in my history when I add new items. How can I get rid of them?

    Swipe the entry you would like to get rid of and confirm the deletion.

  9. Is there a limit of how many items and lists I can create?

    There is no definite limit to how many items you save, however, the performance of the application may suffer if you have too many items in the current list. How much is too much depends on your device and what other applications are running in the background. In our tests, a 1st generation iPod Touch (the lowest configuration device that can run ListMania) has no problem handling lists with hundreds of items. At the same time, the pager at the bottom of the screen can only fit a finite number of dots representing your lists. If you have more lists, you can still access them by swiping, but will not see the dots representing them.

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  • Janet Rubas says:

    I can’t get to the start up screen. Only list view show up. Please help. I can’t see anything else to try to find the screen shown on the app support page.

    • marina says:

      If you just installed the application, your screen should look like this:

      ListMania start up screen

      If you do not see such a screen as in the image provided, please take a screenshot of your screen and send it to us so that we can help you further. You can do that by pressing both home and power buttons of your device at the same time. The screen will flash white for a moment and the image will be saved in your Photos app. You can email it from the Photos app.

      If you’re using an iPad, it would be a little different, but it’s not an important difference. From the start up screen, you can do one of three things:
      1. You can tap the button on the left (with the folder and arrow) and that will give you a menu of other actions you can perform, such as adding more lists, sharing, etc.
      2. You can tap on the “List” word (the title) itself to rename and re-colour your list.
      3. You can tap the “+” button on the right and add items to your list (a keyboard will pop up so that you can type them in).

  • Mike says:

    Where are the settings app. How do I change the font size?

    • marina says:

      Go to the system-wide Settings App (provided by Apple, the one where the icon has gears on it). Scroll to the bottom of the list and you’ll see settings for your installed applications.

  • CJ says:

    How do I check off an item? I tried tapping and swiping and nothing happens.

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